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Peru Standards

Discussion of Peru's standards and comprehensive import regulations on warrantees/guarantees, used vehicles, temporary entry, prohibitions, licenses, and more.

Peru Standards

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:00 am

INDECOPI is responsible for developing "technical standards", while various central government ministries, within their spheres of competence, are responsible for developing technical regulations. Moreover, in accordance with Supreme Decrees No. 058-2005-EF of May 2005 and No. 149-2005-EF of November 2005, these technical regulations must be authenticated by the MEF. In practice, if some Ministry, within its sphere of competence, approves a technical regulation that uses or refers to a standard, for reasons of transparency, INDECOPI publishes that standard on its web page under the heading "Mandatory Technical Standards", with details of the technical regulation which makes it mandatory.

Andean Community Decisions No. 562 and No. 615 establish transparency procedures for the process of issuing technical regulations which specify time-frames for publication in the Official Journal, the receipt of comments, publication and entry into force. These Decisions also provide for the issuing of emergency technical regulations, with a shorter time-frame.

In general, Peruvian technical regulations are based on international standards. Where this is not the case (due to differences in development conditions, technological progress, etc.), regional or third-country practices are used.
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