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Peru Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Discussion of Peru's standards and comprehensive import regulations on warrantees/guarantees, used vehicles, temporary entry, prohibitions, licenses, and more.

Peru Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:54 am

Standard WTO accepted evaluation methods were adopted in 2002 and are generally applicable to all imports (usually the invoice value is accepted, except where a substantial discrepancy may be identified by the Customs authorities.

SUNAT determines the customs value on the basis of the c.i.f. value of the product, which in turn must be based on the transaction value, except in specified cases.

Starting in 2010, SUNAT will have to issue "advance rulings" in response to inquiries from users concerning classification or the criteria for determining the value of goods to be imported. Article 8 of Law No. 28977 of 9 February 2007. It will also have to issue advance rulings on the importation of goods previously exported for repair or alteration in countries that have signed a preferential trade agreement with Peru.

Medicines for medical or veterinary purposes sent a samples will be valued at 50% of their FOB value and duties/taxes will be applied. These samples must have an indelible mark indicating that they are samples on bottles or other packaging to be admitted into Peru. Other product samples are not dutiable or taxable upon entry.
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