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Paraguay Import Regs.: Remanufactured Auto Parts

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Import Regs.: Remanufactured Auto Parts

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:35 am

There are no quotas, restrictions or conditions placed on the imports of remanufactured auto parts into Paraguay. Remanufactured parts are classified as new parts, and they come with certification of their useful life. As for auto parts in general, the market is open and there are no restrictions on new or used parts. Paraguay's auto parts industry is worth about USD$70 million a year, with about twenty local companies producing everything from batteries to tires. Most imports of auto parts come from Brazil and Argentina. Used cars (7 years or less in age) can be imported with the normal application of tariffs and taxes. However, these specific rules in Paraguay may be changed by rules issued under the Mercosur vehicle import regulations as Paraguay becomes fully integrated into the Mercosur.

This situation could change with the eventual adoption of a Mercosur agreement to support and expand the domestic auto parts industry of the four partner countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). The agreement, called Politica Automotriz de Mercosur (PAM), would set tariffs at the same rate for all Mercosur countries: 14% for simple parts, 16% for more complex parts, and 18% for the most complex. A 20% tariff may also be imposed for a few selected parts. For Paraguay, this would mean an overall increase in tariffs since its tariffs are presently lower than those of its partners.
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