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Paraguay Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:35 am

The following represent the existing import prohibitions, but this list can be amended:

Product Reason invoked Legal basis
African bees (Apis mellifera adansonil) Health and environmental protection Decree No. 25.045 of 19 October 1987
Swine, as well as semen, products, by-products and derivatives of domestic or wild pigs originating from areas where there is African swine fever and vesicular swine disease Human and animal health Article 1 of MAG Resolution No. 175 of 21 June 1978

Cloramphenicol Protection of human health MAG Resolution No. 21 of 24 January 1989; Decree No. 3.265 of 1 October 1989
Used clothing and clothing accessories – clothing accessories and parts thereof and other: articles of headings 6309 0010 to 6309 0090, and 6310 1000 to 6310 9000 (MERCOSUR nomenclature) Health and environmental protection Decree No. 7084/00 of 11 January 2000
Methyl and ethyl parathion-based products Protection of human health and the environment MAG Resolution No. 488 of 16 June 2003
Monocrotophos-based products in concentrations exceeding 40 per cent and metamidophos exceeding 60 per cent Protection of human health and the environment MAG Resolution No. 493 of 17 June 2003
Organochlorine-based insecticides Protection of human health and the environment MAG Resolution No. 447 of 24 May 1993
Dangerous industrial or toxic waste Protection of health and the environment Law No. 42 of 18 September 1990
Hormonal substances for the fattening of animals for human consumption Protection of human health Decree No. 22.444 of 8 June 1987
Used motor vehicles and lorries of a capacity not exceeding 20 tonss and tractor trucks more than 10 years old (calculated from the year of production) Consumer protection Law No. 2.018 of 8 November 2002; Law No. 2.153 of 4 July 2003
Source: WTO
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