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Paraguay Import Regs.: Free Trade Zones, Warehouses, and Po

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Import Regs.: Free Trade Zones, Warehouses, and Po

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:33 am

Paraguay, a landlocked country, has no seaports. It has, although, been granted free trade ports and warehouses in the sea ports of neighboring countries for reception, storage, handling and transshipment of merchandise transported to and from Paraguay.

The Paraguayan port authority manages the free trade ports and warehouses, but Paraguay has expressed some interest in private sector concessions to develop and manage new free trade ports. Paraguayan free trade ports are located in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Rosario), Brazil (Paranagua, Santos, and Rio Grande do Sul), Chile (Antofagasta), and Uruguay (Montevideo and Nueva Palmira). The free trade ports are managed by the Paraguayan Port Authority. Presently, only the Brazilian and Uruguayan (Nueva Palmira) free trade ports are operating normally.

The government is in the process of developing two free trade zones in the country; one at the border with Brazil, and the other at the border with Argentina.

Air Transport

All goods imported and delivered to the National Civil Aviation Department (DINAC) which are collected before storage pay a fixed fee amounting to 1 percent of the taxable value indicated on the customs document. Decree No. 14.299, 8 August 2001, Article 21. Goods kept in storage pay a fee according to the time they remain in the warehouse (1 percent of the taxable customs value for the first 10 days, 2 percent for the next 12 days, 3 percent for the following 30 days and 4 percent for each additional period of 30 days), plus an additional US $1 per cubic metre or fraction thereof occupied.
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