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Panama Import Regs.: Used Automobiles and Parts

Discuss the sanitary standards, prohibited imports regulations, licenses, and free trade zone in Panama.

Panama Import Regs.: Used Automobiles and Parts

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:07 am

Panama has no restrictions on the importation of remanufactured, rebuilt and/or used motor vehicle parts. The customs office does not make a distinction between used and remanufactured parts.

In the specific case of used motor vehicles the valuation rules are laid down in Resolution No. 704-04-019 of 10 January 1997. The transaction value is accepted if the imports come from auctioneers or used goods sellers recognized by the customs authority

The above applies to all motor vehicle parts.

There are no quotas or limitations on these parts, nor any special treatment or conditions. However, the normal quality certification may be required in certain instances.

For used automobiles, a certification is required indicating that an emission control device (catalytic converter) has been installed.
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