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Panama Import regs.: Temporary Entry

Discuss the sanitary standards, prohibited imports regulations, licenses, and free trade zone in Panama.

Panama Import regs.: Temporary Entry

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:06 am

* Panama does not accept the ATA Carnet.

* The Panamanian Fiscal Code establishes a temporary entry regime of up to 1 year for all types of merchandise. There are 2 options:

- The importer can make a deposit equivalent to the import duty. This payment will be reimbursed at the time the goods leave the country.

- An insurance company can issue a bond for the importer covering the import duty value, payable if the goods fail to exit the country as scheduled.

Atlapa Convention Center

* Special temporary provisions apply in the case of trade shows and exhibitions taking place at the Atlapa Convention Center, Panama's exhibition and convention center.

* Goods can enter the Atlapa Convention Center with no warranty payment or bond required.

* The merchandise to be displayed in certain trade shows enjoys duty free status and may be sold off the floor duty free.


* Samples with commercial value are subject to temporary entry requirements.

* Samples with no commercial value are admitted duty free.

* If samples arrive in large containers, they will be dutiable even though they may be marked as free samples.
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