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Honduras Import Regs.: Documentation

Import regulations, commercial guide of and business travel to the countries in Central America and South America.

Honduras Import Regs.: Documentation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:51 am

See CAFTA for additional requirements to qualify products for preferential access to this market.

In general importers are required to present the following documents:

- Honduran Customs Declaration (DUA)
- Commercial Invoice
- Bill of Lading (for ocean or surface freight)
- Airway Bill (for air freight)
- Certificate of Origin for preferential tariff treatment, where applicable
- Certificate of Title for vehicles
- Phyto or Zoo Sanitary Certificate (see specific information below)
- Licenses, where applicable

Sanitary permits must be obtained for imported foodstuffs. All commercial imports must also be accompanied by proof that the dollars used to purchase them were acquired through the Honduran commercial banking system.

Honduran law requires all exporters to inform the Central Bank in advance about the quantity, value, and destination of the goods to be exported, as well as the probably date of export and the value and currency of anticipated export revenues.

Plant and Animal Products
Vegetables, Products and Subproducts of Vegetable Origin (Not all will apply to every product):
-Honduran phytosanitary import permit
-Phytosanitary certificate or certificate for export from either the USDA or the U.S. FDA depending upon the product
-Certificate of origin
-Copy of invoice (Agrochemicals)
-Certificate of quarantine treatments
-Product inspection must be conducted at customs site

Animals, Products and Subproducts of Animal Origin (Not all will apply to every product):
-Honduran Zoosanitary import permit
-Zoosanitary certificate for export from USDA
-Certificate of origin
-Phytosanitary certificate from USDA
-Copy of invoice
-Vaccine certificate (for pets, fighting roosters, and cattle)
-Statement by a certified Honduran veterinarian who will make the fiduciary
quarantine (pets, fighting roosters, cattle)
-CITES certificate for species in danger of extinction from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria) is the Honduran agency with responsibility for products of this type.
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