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Honduras Import Regs.: Biotech

Import regulations, commercial guide of and business travel to the countries in Central America and South America.

Honduras Import Regs.: Biotech

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:51 am

Honduran Phytozoosanitary Decree 157 was enacted in 1994 and establishes that the National Service for Animal and Plant Health (SENASA) and the Ministry of Health have the responsibility for issuing regulations on the importation of GMO/biotech products. Regulations based on this law came into effect in 1998. Additionally, a National Committee of Biotechnology and Biosafety was established in 1997 and meets four times a year.

A process is in place that allows importers to apply for permission to import/sell biotech products and is as follows:

1) Register with SENASA to sell any type of seed by filling out a one page form and paying 1500 lempira registration fee.
2) Pay an additional 5000 lempiras if the product is a biotech product.
3) Submit application to SENASA which passes it to the National Committee of Biotechnology and Biosafety.
4) Submit product to in-country risk evaluation and effectiveness test (e.g. drought resistance) completed by Honduran Foundation of Agricultural Research (FHIA), National University (UNAH), or Pan American School of Agriculture at Zamorano. In select cases, an out of country risk evaluation has been accepted. The importing party is responsible for the cost of in-country evaluations. Evaluations can take as little as three months.
5) The application and risk evaluation are reviewed and approved or disapproved by National Committee.

Aside from completion of this process, no additional testing is done at the port of entry, and no additional documentation is required. A traceability system is currently under consideration. No special labeling of these products is required at this time.
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