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El Salvador Import Regs.: Tariffs & Taxes

This forum addresses the import regulations and trade information of El Salvador.

El Salvador Import Regs.: Tariffs & Taxes

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:37 am

Tariffs on capital goods are 0%. Raw material tariffs range between 0 and 5%, while intermediate goods are as high as 10%, and final goods are charged a maximum of 15%. Textiles, agricultural products, vehicles, and a few other non-essential products are charged higher tariffs that range from 15 to 40%.

Most products originating within the Central American Common Market (CACM) are dutied at zero percent. Limitations on trade within the CACM are set out in Annex A to the General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration.

VAT is charged on the transfer, importation, and consumption of goods and the provision of importation of services. Most products face a value added tax of 13%.

Goods that are VAT exempt include:

1)Goods imported by diplomatic missions, consulates, and international institutions or organizations

2)Goods imported by passengers or crews of ships, aircraft or vehicles, where the goods are covered by the travellers' luggage regime and are exempt from customs duties

3)Goods donated under agreements concluded by El Salvador

4)Goods imported by municipalities for community work or direct community benefit

5)Machinery imported by duly registered taxpayers as part of their fixed assets for direct use in the production of goods or the provision of services

6)Buses, micro-buses and rental vehicles for public passenger transport

Services that are VAT exempt include:

1)Health services delivered by State institutions or public welfare institutions

2)Letting, subletting, or transfer of use of temporary enjoyment of immovable property for housing purposes

3)Services provided in the context of employment relationships within the meaning of labor legislation, and services provided by government or municipal employees or employees of autonomous agencies

4)Duly recognized public cultural events

5)Educational and teaching services

6)Payment or accrual of interest on deposit and loan transactions by financial institutions

7)Payment or accrual of interest of securities issued and placed by the State and autonomous official agencies, and by private entities where the initial offering was public

8)Public water supply and sewage services

9)Public passenger carrier services

10)Payment of premiums for personal insurance; and reinsurance

Special Value Added Taxes apply to domestic and foreign alcoholic beverages, carbonated or sweetened beverages, domestic or foreign produced cigarettes (except those produced for export), empty sacks and bags of synthetic fibre.
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