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Costa Rica Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Questions and answers about prohibited imports, labeling requirements, customs valuation as well as tariffs & taxes of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:24 am

Definitive import must be covered by a customs value declaration (Article 319, Regulation No. 25270, as amended by Decree No. 28976-H of 2000; Executive Decree No. 31667-H of 2004 and Executive Decree No. 32456-H of 2005), if the value of the goods exceeds 1,000 Central American pesos (US$1,000), with some exceptions. The declaration of value must be transmitted electronically and must contain, among other, information regarding the agents (importer, transporter, supplier, intermediary); the goods (origin, description); the tariff classification; the exchange rate; the commercial invoice; the customs value; the place and country of shipment; the number and date of the bill of lading; and the customs regime or procedure requested.

After the customs declaration has been accepted and the relevant charges paid, the customs indicates whether the goods are to be inspected or can be removed. Under the implementing regulations of the General Customs Law, customs declarations are subject to a selective random procedure to decide whether there is to be immediate verification of the goods declared; if immediate verification is decided, the documents may be checked or the goods may be physically inspected. Checking of the documents may result in a request for physical inspection of the goods, if this is considered necessary in order to confirm the information declared. Where it is decided to carry out a physical inspection of the goods, it may be indicated whether this is to be carried out integrally or by taking samples.
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