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Chile Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Regulations of Chile for special products, prohibitions, restrictions, labeling, documentation, etc.

Chile Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:37 am

The importation of used vehicles into Chile is prohibited due to environmental reasons. Import of used or re-manufactured/re-built auto parts is not prohibited, but this type of import may be heavily questioned due to concern that the parts could be used to assemble used cars once in the country. Such investigations may hamper the import process. Exceptions include fire trucks, used ambulances cement-making vehicles, armored cars, mobile homes, street-and highway-cleaning vehicles, prison vans and other specialized vehicles.

Chile prohibited the importation of used motorcycles as of March 1999 through Article 21 of Law 18.483.

Chile prohibits importation of plants or animals that are in danger of extinction. However, with a special import permit from the National Commission of Technological and Scientific Research such items maybe allowed.

Chile prohibits the importation of hazardous waste and products containing CFC.

GOC will issue new regs (Ministry of Health Decree #158 of 2003 establishes rules for imports of toys and articles of infant uses containing certain chemicals, which was subsequently modified by Health Ministry Resolution 135 of September 3, 2004.) covering chemical solvents used on toys and objects for use by infants. Toys and children's articles manufactured, imported, distributed or sold in Chile must not contain the solvents identified in the regulation in the amounts specified in the regulation.

Tolueno 260 ug/m3
Etilbenceno 5.000 ug/m3
Xileno 870 ug/m3 (total)
1,3,5-Trimetilbenceno 2500 ug/m3
Tricloroetileno 10 ug/m3
Diclorometano 3.000 ug/m3
n-Hexano 1.800 ug/m3
Nitrobenceno 10 ug/m3
Ciclohexanona 136 ug/m3
3,5,5-Trimetil-2- 200 ug/m3
Ciclohexano -1-Ona

The importation of merchandise from countries that have imposed trade restrictions on Chile
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