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Chile Import Regs.: General

Regulations of Chile for special products, prohibitions, restrictions, labeling, documentation, etc.

Chile Import Regs.: General

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:36 am

For all except a few sensitive items, virtually anyone is free to import anything.

Chile does maintain import and export licensing requirements, but they are more for statistical purposes rather than control. Import licenses or permits, called certificates of importation, are required, but are issued on a pro forma or virtually automatically basis to the importer or his agent, provided they are resident in Chile. For some imports this procedure can take 2-3 days at most. The importer or his agent applies for the import permit at the Central Bank for all shipments valued at over $3,000. For shipments valued at less than $3000, any commercial bank can issue the import permit.
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