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Brazil Standards: Vehicle Emission and Maintenance Inspecti

Come here to discuss the Brazil's standards of various industry, products registration and import regulations as well as tariff information.

Brazil Standards: Vehicle Emission and Maintenance Inspecti

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:46 pm

Concession services of implementation and operation of "vehicle emission and maintenance inspection program". This program continues with regulatory changes to update the applicable standards.

On January 23, 1998, the federal government established the new Brazilian traffic law. Article #104 requires an annual vehicle gas and noise emission and maintenance inspection for all vehicles based on resolutions established by the National Environment
Council (CONAMA) and National Traffic Council (CONTRAN), respectively.

In December 1997, CONAMA passed regulation # 237 mandating that every municipality is responsible for approving licenses for installation, expansion and
operation of any.activity that affects environmental resources or that may cause harm to the environment.

Implementation of vehicle inspections as required by the new traffic law has been delayed due to a federal level discussion coordinated by contran to resolve
outstanding discrepancies in the following three areas:

1) Responsible agency: whether state or municipality is responsible for implementing gas, noise or maintenance inspection programs;

2) Stations:whether vehicle inspection stations must be operated in fixed or movable automated ones and specially designed and furnished for this purpose;

3) Other activities: whether other activities can take place in the inspection stations: repair works, refurbishing and parts and accessory sales.

According to the National Institute of Safety in Traffic (INST), country-wide inspection program will require investments of US$ 1 billion. Inst estimates that 2,000 stations must be built to inspect the Brazilian fleet composed of 20 million vehicles, a fleet which is
estimated to increase by 8 & in 1998. The average fee expected for vehicle inspection is approximately US$45.00. For heavy duty vehicles, a fee of approximately US$90.00 is projected.

The Brazilian Vehicle Emission and Inspection Program offers a variety of opportunities for U.S. equipment and testing system manufacturers and operators. In some cases, U.S.
companies may find partnering with a Brazilian company a competitive strategy for entering this market.

Brazil is seeking U.S. companies interested in establishing partnerships in the areas of technology, equipment and operation to participate in the subject vehicle inspection concession program throughout Brazil. Machines, equipment, instruments and tools used for vehicle inspection must follow the specifications of the National Institute of Measurement, Normatization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO).
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