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Brazil Import Regs.: Used Goods

Come here to discuss the Brazil's standards of various industry, products registration and import regulations as well as tariff information.

Brazil Import Regs.: Used Goods

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:42 pm

The Brazilian government imposes a series of restrictions on the importation of used equipment, parts, pieces and accessories.

Transfer of manufacturing plants from overseas to Brazil that generate new jobs (new direct investment), increase exports and result in cost reduction are exempt of these restrictions. Import duties on refurbished machines are the same as on new products; however, even when the new machine is exempt of the tax over industrial product (IPI), the tax is levied on imported used machine. Imports of used automobiles and used consumer goods are generally not allowed.

The Brazilian government authorizes imports of used machines, equipment, instruments, tools, dies and containers provided they are not produced in Brazil nor can be replaced by locally-made equipment that performs the same functions of the imported machines. The import authorization will only be granted if no local producer can prove that domestic production of a similar product exists. This proof must be provided to the Foreign Trade Secretariat within 30 days from publication in the Brazilian Daily Registry (Diario Oficial da Uniao).

To qualify for entry, the imported equipment's age at the date of the request for importation must be less than its projected life span. The importer is required to contract an internationally-established company qualified to prepare a technical evaluation of the product's age and life span. This information must be presented to the foreign trade secretariat along with the import license and the import request.
The Brazilian government authorizes imports of refurbished parts, pieces and accessories that meet the following criterion:

Imports of refurbished parts for aircraft and other space equipment. These must be accompanied by an inspection and appraisal certificate issued by a company authorized by the exporting country's aerospace authority and recognized by the Civil Aviation Department of the Brazilian Air Force Ministry.

International donations to all levels of the Brazilian government, government-owned, educational, scientific and technological organizations, and non-profit public institutions are exempt from import controls provided that the imported equipment will be used by public institutions.

The following categories of items are exempt from the above outlined restrictions on the import of used products:

- imports under international treaties;

- imports under temporary admission program (see separate industry market insight report, dated Nov. 13, 1996).

- inherited goods;

- non-commercial postal shipments;

- cultural goods;

- vehicles over 30 years old for cultural and collection purposes;

- imports of ships and boats, approved by the Council of the Merchant Marine of the Transportation Ministry;

- imports of airplanes and spatial devices, turbo propeller engines and turbojets approved by the coordinating committee for civil air transportation (COTAC), a department of the Air Force Ministry;

- imports relating to a change of production lines associated with a specific project of interest to the Brazilian economy (projects which will result in exports). The importer must prove that the change will result in cost reduction, increased employment and higher productivity/quality levels.

Freight forwarders that can assist Brazilian importers in preparing the necessary documentation for importing used machines into Brazil and clearing them at the Brazilian customs are listed below.
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