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Brazil Import Regs.: Textiles

Come here to discuss the Brazil's standards of various industry, products registration and import regulations as well as tariff information.

Brazil Import Regs.: Textiles

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:41 pm

Portaria #10 of May 16, 2006, published Gazeta Oficial (D.O.U. of May 17, 2006), provides specific instructions governing the importation of textile/apparel products. This Portaria was issued to carry-out the provisions of the Brazilian safeguard measures against China. Third parties exporting textile products to Brazil will be required to provide Certificates of Origin stamped by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the the third parties' country to verifying the information contained in the C/O (see Article 1, subsection d of the Portaria). Presumably, this measure will reduce transshipping of Chinese textiles through third countries to Brazil. The US manufacture of the textile product should issue the certification (with an appropriate senior offical's signature) and have the C/O verify by a Brazil Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. A number of anti-dumping cases againat Chinese exporters have arisen requiring the use C/Os to avoid pass-throughs, which may affect exporters in other countries.

The effective timeframe for this measure is until December 31, 2009, but may be extended.

See separate entry for new textile labeling requirements for Mercosur members.
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