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Argentina Import Regs.: Samples

Discussions of certification and testing standards for vertical industrial products, import regulations, temporary Entry, tariffs, prohibited and restricted imports to Argentina.

Argentina Import Regs.: Samples

Postby qszheng_forum » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:37 pm

Samples brought into Argentina by the traveling representative are admitted free of duty, if they have no commercial value. If the samples have value, bond may be given for the amount of the duty which would be payable on such merchandise. Such bonds are for a period of up to ninety days. Upon re-exportation of dutiable samples covered by bond, the amount paid is refunded. The handling of samples under bond should be entrusted to a customshouse broker.

Importers of samples used in registered trade shows must obtain through the show organizer a duty and tax exemption for such items prior to arrival in Argentina. Usually, a broker used by the trade show organizer can obtain the necessary premission.

Samples sent by parcel post or in other ways are treated the same as any other commercial shipment and have the same documentary requirements. Advertising matter is subject to a duty when imported to Argentina.

The services of customs brokers are generally not necessary to clear shipments of samples, with or without value. This also applies to advertising matter received by parcel post from abroad and not requiring foreign exchange. However, Customs may charge storage fees.
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