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Shipping Replacement Parts to Mexico

Discussion of any issues related to importing to Mexico.

Shipping Replacement Parts to Mexico

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:33 pm

Replacement Part shipped to Mexico

What the company chooses to do will depend on how the part is sent to Mexico.

Mexican customs law requires that all commercial importations be executed by a Mexican Customs broker. This requirement can be waived when the importation is under $2000. Additional information on treatment of low value shipment.

For higher value replacement parts, the company needs to arrange for the services of a Customs broker prior to shipping the good or, if the repairperson intends to hand-carry the product, prior to the repairperson leaving on his/her trip to Mexico. Documents required by Mexican customs are the same as those required for any importation.

Mexican Customs law allows for the replacement of defective parts or machinery without incurring customs duty on the replacement parts or machinery. However, in order to use this provision, the defective part or machinery must leave Mexico prior to the replacement being entered into Mexico. A Mexican customs broker must handle the paperwork for the export from Mexico of the defective part or machinery, and the subsequent importation of its replacement.

All applicable duties and charges apply unless the defective part is "temporarily" exported from Mexico before the replacement part is shipped. Contact a Mexican Customs broker for additional information.

Product shipped back to the United States for repair

Product must be formally "temporarily exported" from Mexico using a Mexican Customs broker. The broker essentially registers the product, so that when the product is brought back to Mexico, it can be brought back in duty-free.
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