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Mexico NOMs for Some Commercial and Health Products

Discussion of any issues related to importing to Mexico.

Mexico NOMs for Some Commercial and Health Products

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:32 pm

Specific NOM which refer to particular products may have different labeling regulations. Specific NOMs complement or supersede NOM-050. A copy of the Mexican regulations (in Spanish) can be obtained by contacting NIST at 301-975-4038 and requesting the following documents :

Commercial Products - 1993 -
NOM-009-SCFI-1993 for sphygmomanometers with mercury column and elastic sensory elements to measure human blood pressure
NOM-011-SCFI-1993 for gas liquid thermometers for general use
NOM-013-SCFI-1993 for manometers with elastic elements
NOM-014-SCFI-1993 for positive displacement diaphragm-type meters for natural gas or liquid petroleum
NOM-017-SCFI-1993 for reconstructed, used or second-hand equipment
NOM-018/1, 2, 4, and 4-SCFI-1993 for portable containers for liquid propane gas
NOM-020-SCFI-1993 for footwear and leather products
NOM-0021/1, 2, 4, and 5-SCFI-1993 for non-portable type containers for liquid propane gas not exposed to heating by artificial means
NOM-022-SCFI-1993 for gas heaters

Commercial Products - 1994 -
NOM-015/2-SCFI-1994 for toys
NOM-023-SCFI-1994 for domestic appliances using natural of liquid propane gas
NOM-024-SCFI-1994 for electrical and electronic products
NOM-032-SCFI-1993 for brandy
NOM-033-SCFI-1994 for jewels and articles of gold, silver, platinum and palladium
NOM-046-SCFI-1994 for measuring tapes
NOM-051-SCFI-1994 for non-alcoholic beverages
NOM-053-SCFI-1994 for electrical elevators
NOM-054-SCFI-1994 for pressure cookers
NOM-055-SCFI-1994 for fire-proof/retarded material
NOM-060-SCFI-1994 for steel sheets used in the manufacture of portable liquid petroleum gas containers
NOM-061-SCFI-1994 for steel sheets used in the manufacture of non-portable liquid petroleum gas containers
NOM-063-SCFI-1994 for electrical conductors
NOM-064-SCFI-1994 for light fixtures
NOM-084-SCFI-1994 for canned albacore and tuna fish
NOM-086-SCFI-1995 for automobile tires
NOM-090-SCFI-1994 for pocket gas lighters

Health Products - 1993 -
NOM-016-SSA1-1993 for preservatives
NOM-045-SSA1-1993 for agriculture, forestry, livestock and gardening products
NOM-046-SSA1-1993 for insecticide products
NOM-051-SSA1-1993 for disposable sterile plastic syringes
NOM-052-SSA1-1993 for latex rubber urinary drainage probes
NOM-062-SSA1-1993 for pacemakers
NOM-064-SSA1-1993 for diagnostic reagent equipment
NOM-066-SSA1-1993 for incubators for newborn babies
NOM-068-SSA1-1993 for surgical instruments

Health Products - 1994 -
NOM-093-SSA1-1994 for pressure relief valves

Other products which are closely regulated for health and safety reasons are medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food products, alcoholic beverages, etc. Click here for a partial list of the HS numbers for those products.
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