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Canada Temporary Importation using ATA CARNET

Information on temporary entry and travel to Canada. Also includes taxes and standards guides.

Canada Temporary Importation using ATA CARNET

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:23 pm

ATA Carnets are international customs documents designed to simplify and streamline customs temporary entry procedures. For U.S. goods entering Canada on a temporary basis, the carnet would be acquired by the U.S. company, possibly on the advice of the Canadian importer. Carnets are particularly useful for goods which will be imported into more than one country during the period of validity of the carnet. The carnet has a dual role of replacing the national temporary entry documents and providing a guarantee for duties that would be payable should the goods imported not be re-exported within the time period allowed by customs. For example, carnets are often used for transporting equipment or goods to and from a convention, meeting, trade show, or exhibition event.

The use of a carnet for the importation, exportation, or transit of goods does not exempt those goods from the application of Canadian customs laws, regulations and procedures. Goods will not be released on a carnet unless the goods qualify for temporary entry and the required documents or certificates are produced. For further information from the Canada Border Services Agency, please click here.

Another useful reference for U.S. companies is the information provided by the United States Council for International Business at The USCIB web site is complete with forms, pricing, applicable countries and considerable background on the process for obtaining a carnet, including when and how the carnet can be best used. Contact the USCIB at (212) 703-5078 or (212) 703-5080.
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