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Gabon Prohibited Imports

Discuss trade with Gabon: import licensing & documentation, investment barriers, labeling requirements, and prohibited imports.

Gabon Prohibited Imports

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:26 am

All categories of products may be imported except for sugar, for which a restriction has been retained in order to grant the Gabonese sugar monopoly SUCAF (recently privatized) time to improve its competitiveness. The sugar barrier is supposed to be reduced over time to open up the market, in accordance with the Central Africa Customs Union (UDEAC/CEMAC). In practice, the barrier remains in place. There are few barriers in the crude oil sector, where U.S. firms have the most significant involvement. There have been problems relating to customs duties imposed on the import of exploration equipment in contravention of exploration agreements, which usually provide duties exemptions for equipment which will be re-exported.
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