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Sweden Marketing: Agents/Distributors

Discussion on Sweden marketing requirements, customs information, legal issues, business resources, etc.

Sweden Marketing: Agents/Distributors

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:47 am

- Agents/Distributors - Finding a Partner

Swedish commercial agents are organized under the Federation of Commercial Agents of Sweden (Svenska Handelsagenters Forbund). In collaboration with organizations in the other Nordic countries, it has developed a new contract form for agency agreements. The contract was developed in accordance with the EU "Directive on the Coordination of the Laws of the Member States Relating to Self Employed Commercial Agents" dated December 1986. Specific Swedish legislation sets out the rights and obligations of each party in an agency/principal contract or arrangement. The basic law covering such agreements is found in the Swedish Code (SFS) 1914:45 as amended.

Normally, an exclusive agent or distributor is appointed to cover the Swedish market. Swedish agents/distributors often represent several foreign firms. A visit to the market is the best way to appraise the relative merits of prospective agents/distributors. Close contact between the American principal and the Swedish agent/distributor is very important and should be developed early.
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