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Sweden Customs: Documentation

Discussion on Sweden marketing requirements, customs information, legal issues, business resources, etc.

Sweden Customs: Documentation

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:45 am

Import/Export Documentation

The documents required from the exporter include a commercial invoice, a bill of lading, and other special certifications as may be necessary. Certificate of origin (or certification of origin as part of the invoice) is required for textile products, based on EU legislation.

There are no stipulations as to the form of commercial invoices, bills of lading, or other shipping documents. According to both the Swedish (and EU) customs regulations the invoice must contain the following information:

- name and address of the seller;
- name and address of the buyer;
- date the invoice was issued;
- number and type of packages, gross weight and information on how the packages are marked;
- trade description of the goods;
- quantity of the goods;
- price for each item;
- discounts, if any, and what kind;
- delivery and payment terms.

A pro-forma invoice may be presented for shipments free of charge, such as:

- replacement deliveries and commodities supplied under guarantee
- samples and advertising items
- gifts
- goods returned to sender
- printed advertising materials

Shipping documents may be made out in the English language. The standard bill of lading (or an airway bill) suffices for shipment to Sweden. The bill of lading should be completed in accordance with the invoice.

Sanitary certificates, which show the country of origin, are required for goods that may carry contagious animal or vegetable diseases or for goods for which special stipulations are prescribed. Goods subject to these sanitary certificates include live animals, animal products (meat, meat products and animal feed) and vegetable products such as potatoes, live plants and seeds. The certificate must be authorized by a competent legal authority in the country of production or export.
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