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Spain Used Equipment

Issues related to trading with Spain, such as importing regulations, documentation requirements, custom information, etc.

Spain Used Equipment

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:42 am

There are no restrictions on the import of used equipment. Imports of used equipment are treated the same as new equipment (i.e., import duties are the same for both new and used equipment).

Although restrictions are non-existant, certain types of used/refurbished equipment require specific certification:

Aerospace: in order to bring in used/refurbished aircraft units into Spain, planes must first obtain an FAA's approved export lincense. After entering the Spanish market, aircraft units must pass an Aviacion Civil (civil aviation entity) inspection in order to receive registration authorization from the Registro de Aeronaves (aircraft registry).

Industrial machinery: specific industrial machinery units may require a safety certificate indicating that the machine has not been "manipulated" from its original state and/or purpose.

Transportation vehicles: after entering the spanish market, transportaion vehicles must go through the "homologation" (see Spain, Standards, Homologation . . .) process - they must be adapted to comply with the requirements and characteristics of the local market - before they can register at the Direccion General de Trafico (Spain's department of motor vehicles).

In summary, the used equipment subsector within Spanish industry markets is not very prominent. Interested companies are advised to contact Commercial Service Spain to determine - on a case by case basis - the feasibility of introducing a used equipment line into a particular market.
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