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Greece E-Commerce

Articles and comments on Greece trade regulations, documentation, labeling, and product registration requirements. Share your experience here.

Greece E-Commerce

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:21 am

Whether Business to Consumer or Business to Business, E-Commerce has been very slow to mature in Greece, even in comparison to lesser developed countries.
E-Commerce in Greece today lags well behind the rest of Europe but is expected to grow considerably as the Greek Government implements plans to expand Internet connectivity and liberalizes the telecom market.

In Greece, relatively few companies opt to use the Internet as a platform for their communication requirements, as compared to the European (EU) example as a whole. Although competition among Internet Service Providers contributes to the lowering of prices, a marketing presence on the Internet nevertheless constitutes an expensive exercise for many Greek companies. This is reflected in the small number of leased lines that Internet Service Providers have managed to secure. Thus, E-Commerce is proceeding at an experimental level in Greece, with many Greek firms concluding that there are few immediate, tangible benefits and considerable costs in exploring the capabilities of the international network.

The Greek Government has adopted all EU regulations concerning E-Commerce and its applications, and is looking at E-Commerce as a positive factor of economic development, encouraging Greek business and government entities to explore its potential.
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