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Nepal Barter & Countertrade

Discussion of Nepal barter & countertrade, tariffs and taxes, prohibited imports, import controls and business travel & etiquette: entry/exit Requirements.

Nepal Barter & Countertrade

Postby bridgat » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:46 pm

According to Nepal's Ministry of Commerce, there are no specific laws or regulations governing barter or countertrade in Nepal. With the exception of the Nepal-Tibet border trade, Nepal does not practice barter or countertrade with any other country.

The existing traditional barter trade between Nepal and Tibet is practiced under the "Trade and Payments Agreement" signed between Nepal and China on May 31, 1974. Under Article VII of this agreement, provisions have been made for the local inhabitants of both Nepal and Tibet, within 30 kilometers of the border, to carry on their traditional trade under a barter system. Since this trade is traditional and confided to a very small area, no record of the volume of that trade is maintained by Nepal's Ministry of Commerce.
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