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Digital camera is necessity or not?

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Digital camera is necessity or not?

Postby woterms » Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:14 pm

With the development of economic, live standard is also improved. Lots of people have digital camera just like cell phone. However, digital camera is necessity or not? Some people would say it can be used when we are traveling or we are joining in activity. Do you agree with this?
I do not think so. Taking a photo is the best way to record your memory in the life. When you are old, you watch these photos in the childhood or young, you will think happy times back. Digital camera become common and common, the price also become lower and lower, whatever brand or OEM camera. Although price of brand become lower, there still are lots of people who can not afford them. In China, there are lots of OEM digital cameras. Price is cheaper. Most of people can afford them. People can buy them online all over the world. It is convenient. Just like me, I come from country. I do not get so much from my job. But I still want to buy a camera to record my memory. Last week, I shop an OEM camera on online shop from China. It juts costs me about 90USD. Although there are some disadvantages. After all I can use it to record my happy times. That is enough. Do you think so? Some people would say the quality is important. Of course it is right. But I never mind, I do mind I can record my happy times. Thanks for its help.

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