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Paraguay Standards

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Standards

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:37 am

Standards are set by the National Standards and Technology Institute (INTN). Mercosur members are in the continuing process of integrating national legislation to conform with Mercosur agreed standards in various sectors. These Mercosur standards include product labeling rules.

Decree Law 18352 of August 26, 2002 requires that grey cement imports have affixed a label with sufficient information to demonstrate conformity with Paraguayan standards issued by INTN. The technical regulations exist for products such as measuring instruments and apparatus (Decree No. 1.988 of 16 February 1999), steel rods or bars for use in concrete structures and metallic building structures (Decree No. 8.811 of 22 May 2000), liquefied petroleum gas (Decree No. 15.124/01 of 24 October 2000), and maté (Decree No. 17.595/02 of 17 June 2002); other concern safety signs; protective equipment for the eyes; hand tools for electrical installations; insulating carpets; welders’ screens; and protective equipment for the respiratory tract (Decree No. 9.052/95 of 26 May 1995).
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