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Paraguay Import Regs.: Reference Pricing - Selected Imports

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Import Regs.: Reference Pricing - Selected Imports

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:35 am

Further modifications of the "Reference" price product coverage were introduced by Law 6406/05 and Resolution SSET#1021/05 of March 26, 2004 Resolution, when the Government of Paraguay issued Resolution No.83 from the Ministry of Hacienda (Treasury) establishing "Minimum Reference Pricing" mechanism to avoid undervaluation of imports of clothing, shoes, and sports balls produced in some Asian countries. This Resolution includes an annex of specific HS classifications that are covered by this policy.

Subsequently, Resolution 129 was issued on May 13, 2004 with an annex providing "reference prices" for HS Chapters 61, 62, 64 ( covering virtually all sub-categories in those Chapters), and some additional items in other chapters. Further modifications were introduced with Resolution 403 of September 21, 2004 and subsequently.
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