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Paraguay Import Regs.: Agent/Distributor Practices

Paraguay copyright and trademark law on foreign registrations, import regulations such as labeling and marking requirement, prohibitions information, etc.

Paraguay Import Regs.: Agent/Distributor Practices

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:31 am

* Joint ventures are regulated by Law 117/91. This law provides government recognition for legally established contracts.

Licensing agreements are used for the local production of international brands.

A foreign company may cancel, revoke, modify or refuse to prolong a contractual relationship between itself and representative, distributor or agent without paying any compensation, provided that it demonstrates (before the courts and tribunals of Paraguay) that there was just cause for taking any of the actions referred to above. Otherwise, a company is liable for any compensation to be paid to the representative, distributor or agent, which shall be proportional to the duration of the contractual relationship between the two parties and to the average gross annual profits earned by the representative, distributor or agent. The law requires the foreign company to allow the representative, distributor or agent a period of 120 days (except in cases of fraud or breach of trust) to solve the problem that warranted any of the actions referred to above.
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