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Mercosur Import Regs.: Labeling -- Textiles/Apparel

Import regulations, commercial guide of and business travel to the countries in Central America and South America.

Mercosur Import Regs.: Labeling -- Textiles/Apparel

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:55 am

The Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUR)'s Common Market Group, which includes representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, recently issued final technical regulations establishing labelling requirements for textile and apparel products produced in or imported for consumption into a MERCOSUR member country. These regulations have to be incorporated by member countries into their national legislation by 1 July 2008.

Under the new labelling regulations, subject merchandise will have to include the following information in a label, stamp, decal, print or similar means that is permanent, indelible, legible and clearly visible: (i) name or registered brand and tax identification of the domestic producer or importer; (ii) country of origin; (iii) fibre content (fibres accounting for less than ten percent of the total may be listed as "other fibre(s)"); (iv) care labelling instructions; and (v) size or dimensions, as applicable. This information will have to be presented in the language of the country of consumption but could also be presented in another language(s).

Certain textile and apparel articles sold in packages are allowed to bear the required information on or inside their packaging instead of on the article itself if that information can be seen from the outside. These articles include fabric diapers, handkerchiefs, napkins, bibs, hosiery and socks, gloves, garments made in raschel-type machines, crocheted bedspreads, mosquito nets and seamless products. If the package contains more than one item, the number of units and the fact that those items cannot be sold separately will have to be clearly stated.

Textile products made with compact fabric obtained by overlaying carded voiles may bear the required information on their packaging. Textile and apparel products sold in airtight packages whose labelling information is not visible from the outside must include at a minimum the following information on their packaging: the fibre composition, the country of origin and the size or dimension.

As regards curtains, bed linen and kitchen, table and toilet textile articles sold in packages, the required information has to be included on or inside their packaging if that information is visible from the outside. In such instances, the product's dimensions need not be included on the product itself.

A range of products are excluded from the labelling requirements, including tampons and sanitary towels, disposable diapers, hair accessories, textile appliqués, sewing kits, funerary articles, protective and safety equipment, horse-riding equipment, textile articles used on animals or toys, motor vehicle seats, camping tents, lined buttons and hangers, footwear, felt hats, book covers, belts, rope, flags, badges, labels, toys, umbrellas, bags and suitcases, cleaning cloths, parachutes, textile products for rent, used clothing (the term "used clothing" must be included), scuba-diving clothing, certain tablecloths, visors, bath articles (except towels, curtains and carpets), furniture, wrist bands and fans.
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