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Costa Rica Import Regs.: Used Medical Equipment

Questions and answers about prohibited imports, labeling requirements, customs valuation as well as tariffs & taxes of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Import Regs.: Used Medical Equipment

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:05 am

Regulatory Agency
The Costa Rican Ministry of Health supervises the health care sector for the country. Costa Rica has a socialized health care system identified as the Costa Rican Social Security System (CCSS).

There are no additional regulations applicable. Both U.S. and European registration methods suffice.

Used Equipment
There is a strong preference for new medical equipment. Although some private clinics and independent doctors have purchased used equipment, hospitals and clinics of the public sector, by virtue of a government established norm, only buy new equipment. Used equipment purchased in Costa Rica is usually refurbished by the manufacturer or refurbished by an authorized dealer of the equipment, with a minimum six-month guarantee. Used equipment buyers also require assurances that parts and maintenance can be obtained locally.

There are no special restrictions or tariffs that apply to used/refurbished medical equipment. Customs valuation of the equipment is normally taken from the invoice presented by the importer. Costa Rican customs has become concerned about the problem of intentional undervaluation of products being imported into Costa Rica. Exporters and importers can expect special scrutiny of documents for products entering the country that do not reflect reasonable market value.

Used medical equipment imported during the past several years includes x-ray equipment, magnetic resonance equipment, lectrocardiographs, microscopes, centrifuges, ovens, spectrophotometers, blister packaging for pharmaceutical products, sterilizers, and dental chairs with drill systems, among other items.

Contact Information

Government Agencies

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS)
(Costa Rican Social Security Institute)
Apartado 10105-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 257-9122

CCSS contacts by Departments:

Division Medica
(Medical Division Department)
Piso 12, Oficinas Centrales
Phone: (506) 233-5916
Fax: (506) 233-5682
Contact: Dra. Julieta Rodriguez, Gerente

Departamento Recursos Materiales
(Materials Resources Department)
Piso 12, Oficinas Centrales
Phone: (506) 257-4356
Fax: (506) 233-7383
Contact: Ing. Jose Rafael Gonzalez, Director

Departamento Programacion de Suministros
(Medical Supplies Programming Department)
Piso 12 Oficinas Centrales
Phone: (506) 223-8839
Fax: (506) 233-7383
Contact: Lic. Gabriela Arias, Jefe

Departamento Equipamento
(Equipment Department)
Piso 10 Oficinas Centrales
Phone: (506) 233-5984
Fax: (506) 223-6298
Contact: Mario Saavedra, Director

Departamento de Adquisiciones
(Adquisitions Department)
Piso 11 Oficinas Centrales
Phone: (506) 257-4359
Fax: (506) 223-8792
Contact: Manuel Carballo, Jefe

Ministerio de Salud
(Costa Rican Ministry of Health)
Apartado 10123-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 223-0333, or 222-0960
Fax: (506) 255-2594

Ministry of Health contacts by Departments:

Sub-Division Recursos Humanos
(Human Resources Department)
Phone: (506) 223-0333
Fax: (506) 257-7827
Contact: Lic. Manuel Vargas, Director

Departamento de Drogas, Estupefacientes, Controles y Registro
(Drugs, Controls and Register Department)
Phone: (506) 223-2612, or 221-6058
Fax: (506) 222-1420
Contact: Dra. Marielos Morales, Director

Trade Associations

Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica
(Costa Rican Association of Physicians & Surgeons)
Apartado 548-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact: Dr. Marco Antonio Batalla, Presidente
Dr. Manuel Piza, Director Administrativo
Phone: (506) 232-3433
Fax: (506) 232-2406

Colegio de Optomestristas de Costa Rica
(Costa Rican Association of Optometrists)
Apartado 1785-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact: Dr. Alvaro Jimenez,Presidente
Phone: (506) 253-6860, or 221-7180
Fax: (506) 225-6440

Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica
(Costa Rican Association of Dental Surgeons)
Apartado 698-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Lic. Ricardo Mendez, Director Administrativo
Phone: (506) 221-6062 or 223-6383
Fax: (506) 233-9254
Contact: Dr. Octavio Argueta, Presidente

Camara de Representantes de Casas Extranjeras--CRECEX
(Costa Rican Chamber of Foreign Firms Representatives)
Apartado 3738-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 253-0126 or 224-6944
Fax: (506) 234-2557
Contact: Mr. Walter Marin, Executive Director

Camara de Comercio de Costa Rica
(Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce)
Apartado 1114-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 221-0005 or 221-0201
Fax: (506) 233-7901
Contact: Lic. Julio Ugarte, Executive Director

Camara Costarricense-Norteamericana de Comercio
(Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce)
Apartado 4946-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 220-2200
Fax: (506) 220-2300
Contact: Ms. Linda Solar, Executive Director

The information contained on this website is derived from public sources and is current to the best of our knowledge. For detailed and definitive information about a country’s laws and policies, the government of the country concerned should be consulted.
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