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Chile Import Regs.: Restrictions

Regulations of Chile for special products, prohibitions, restrictions, labeling, documentation, etc.

Chile Import Regs.: Restrictions

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:37 am

Under the US-Chile FTA some of the rules enumerated below may have been altered for US origin goods.

* In general, the importation of used passenger and cargo transportation vehicles is prohibited.

Limited exceptions do occur in one of the two free zones in Chile, Iquique in the far north and Punta Arenas in the far south. Used cars can be sold in these zones but said vehicles cannot subsequently be sold outside the zones.

* Other exceptions to this import restriction are used ambulances, armored cars, mobile homes, prison vans, street and highway cleaning vehicles, and cement-making vehicles. Importers of these goods pay the 15 percent import duty plus the VAT.

* Fire-fighting vehicles are not subject to import duty, and VAT is paid on their CIF value only.

* Special laws allow new/used car imports by persons returning from exile, returning after working or studying abroad for a number of years, or domiciled in domestic free trade zones. These imports are also tax-exempt.

Special Requirements and Restrictions
* Chile applies animal health and phytosanitary requirements for imports of animal and plant based products. Phytosanitary requirements are applied to imports of wheat, fresh fruit, and poultry. Chilean authorities have in some instances eliminated or liberalized specific requirements when presented scientific evidence by U.S. animal health or phytosanitary officials.

* Firearms can be imported, but they require a special permit from a military authority in Chile.

* The import of pharmaceutical specialties, cosmetics, and most biological and bio-chemical preparations require prior registration with the Institute of Public Health (Instituto de Salud Publica), and may be subject to special labeling and other requirements, depending on the nature of the individual product.

* Imported goods that are considered inconsistent with Chilean "morals, public health, national security, or environment" require special authorization to enter into Chile. These include certain personal security products such as mace sprays, certain chemicals/processes, and some media products which face review and possible censorship. It should be noted that all films, videos, and TV programs, imported or locally produced, are reviewed for suitability.

*Chile has begun to impose strict limitations on salmonid eggs to protect from infectious salmonid anemia and other diseases. Some imports are permitted under quarantine.
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