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Chile Import Regs.: Licensing

Regulations of Chile for special products, prohibitions, restrictions, labeling, documentation, etc.

Chile Import Regs.: Licensing

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:36 am

Import Licences are NOT required, but the importation of certain military, luxury, and agricultural goods are subject to administrative formalities in order to comply with various Chilean Laws. Goods that require approval or certification prior to importation are firearms, munitions, explosives and chemical substances, inflammables and asphyxiates; facilities for the production, storage or deposit of firearms; enriched elements or materials, fissile or radioactive, radioactive substances, devices or tools that emit ionic radiation; maps, geopgrahical maps and others depicting international borders and borders of the national territory; written or audiovisual material, related to martial arts for teaching purposes.

Other goods that require approval or certification (usually certificates of conformance) for customs clearance are alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and vinegar; plant products and products that may be dangerous to plants; animals, birds, products, sub-products, and remains of animal or plant origin; fertilizers and pesticides; food products or sub-products fo animal or vegetal origin; food products; toxic substances or substances that are dangerous to health; pharmaceutical products, foods for medical or cosmetic use; narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances that cause addiction; hydro-biological resources in any state of growth, including ornamental species; fish products; and cinematographic movies and video-tapes, to be commercialized or for commercial use.
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