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Brazil Import Regs.: Transit of Goods

Come here to discuss the Brazil's standards of various industry, products registration and import regulations as well as tariff information.

Brazil Import Regs.: Transit of Goods

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:41 pm

Goods in transit

Tariff law provides that goods in transit through Brazilian national territory, en route to another country via customary channels of international trade, are exempt from the payment of import duties. Special customs posts and designations are used for transitting goods -- particularly for Paraguay.

Goods in transit are granted maximum storage periods of three months in the case of perishables and one year for other merchandise, extendable for an additional six months. The following Brazilian ports have been designated as transit zones for the specified neighboring country. Examples are: Belém (Peru and Bolivia), Corumbá (Bolivia), Manaus (Ecuador), Paranaguá (Paraguay), Porto Velho (Bolivia), and Santos (Bolivia and Paraguay).

Other seaports or airports where federal customs officials are stationed may also be used as transit zones for countries contiguous to Brazil even though no special facilities have been created for transit shipments.

Abandoned and Reexported Goods

Goods imported into Brazil may be expressly or tacitly abandoned. They may be expressly abandoned in writing at any time prior to customs clearance. Tacit abandonment occurs when the merchandise is not withdrawn within the permissible warehousing period. Although customs laws permit the reexportation of merchandise that has entered the country legally, foreign trade controls make it difficult. Imported goods not cleared through customs require authorization for reexport.

On goods already cleared through customs, for which foreign currency payments were made, reexportation will not be authorized without reimbursement of the foreign currency paid. Once goods have been cleared through customs, they are considered nationalized, and import duties are not refunded if goods are reexported.

Goods shall be considered to be abandoned if they remain on customs premises 90 days after discharge, and, 60 days after the date on which clearance procedures were halted because of an action or failure to act on the part of the importer, or 45 days after the date of notification from customs.
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