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Argentina Standards: Used Electrical Equipment

Discussions of certification and testing standards for vertical industrial products, import regulations, temporary Entry, tariffs, prohibited and restricted imports to Argentina.

Argentina Standards: Used Electrical Equipment

Postby qszheng_forum » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:43 pm

Under the GOA import licensing procedures, it is virtually impossible to import used equipment, except with special dispensation.

The Government of Argentina issued disposition 1139/99 that defines how used, reconstructed or reconditioned electrical equipment must comply with the requirements of Resolution 92-98 relative to mandatory certification. The disposition was signed by the National Director of Domestic Trade on December 6, 1999 and was effective immediately. For further information beyond that provided here, please consult the original Spanish documentation and GOA authorities levied with the responsibility to administer the standards.

Certifications as per the requirments of Resolution 92-98 for used, reconstructed or reconditioned equipment will follow the certification system number 4 which consists of a type test and testing of samples taken from the market and/or the warehouse(s). The full range of tests will be conducted on a representative unit chosen by the certification body, with annual surveillance testing.

In addition, each and every unit of each batch will be tested individually for the following six characteristics: safety markings; resistive voltage; leakage current insulation resistance; grounding; power; and current.

Certification and testing must be conducted by entities recognized by the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Mining.

As previously required, these products must be clearly marked as used, reconstructed or reconditioned.

Certifications for used, reconstructed or reconditioned products must be accompanied by a certificate describing the reconditioning or reconstructing process used.

Imported products must comply with all other exisiting requirements. Imported products will be allowed in-country for testing purposes.
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