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Argentina Standards: Organization and Procedures

Discussions of certification and testing standards for vertical industrial products, import regulations, temporary Entry, tariffs, prohibited and restricted imports to Argentina.

Argentina Standards: Organization and Procedures

Postby qszheng_forum » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:42 pm

The legal framework for standards-related activities consists of Decree No. 1474/94, which created the National Standards, Quality and Certification System, and its regulations (Resolutions Nos. 90/95 of 26 September 1995 and 330/99).

The National Standards, Quality and Certification System comprises two non-profit civil associations: the Argentine Standards Institute (IRAM) and the Argentine Accreditation Agency (OAA). IRAM is a private institute recognized by the Government as the country's only official standardization body and is also a certification organization (for products and for systems). The OAA is responsible for accreditation of certification bodies and laboratories. Technical regulations are established by various government agencies.

Argentina has designated the National Foreign Trade Directorate (DNCI) as its enquiry point. The DNCI is also responsible for implementing notification procedures at national level.

Technical regulations

The following bodies may establish technical regulations: the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Office of the Chief of Cabinet of the National Government; the executive branch; and the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI). The provinces can also prepare and adopt technical regulations, pursuant to national legislation, but only to regulate intra-provincial trade.

The preparation of draft technical regulations is governed by Decrees Nos. 333/1985 and 1172/2003. There is no central mechanism for publishing these drafts, but they are usually disseminated through the web sites of the bodies adopting technical regulations. In all cases a period of 60 days is allowed for comments.
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