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New Vehicle Exports to Mexico

Discussion of any issues related to importing to Mexico.

New Vehicle Exports to Mexico

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:32 pm

According to the NAFTA, Mexican citizens are able to import new automobile starting January 1, 2004. U.S. auto dealers are free to sell autos to Mexican nationals with a few restrictions:

1. The car must have at least 62.5% of U.S, Canadian or Mexican parts
2. The seller must provide a "Certificate of Origin" which states that the
car does fall under the 62.5% rule and that it was manufactured in the
United States or Canada.
3. The seller must provide warranty work and spare parts.
4. The cars must have been built within 90 days to the date of purchase.
5. To be considered a new car and subject to import, the car must not have more than 600 miles of use.
6. The Mexican importer must use the services of a customs broker to do the import procedure.

Once in the Mexican side, the Mexican buyer will have to pay all of the import handling fees, The Mexican New Car Tax (ISAN), a 15% Value Added Tax (IVA), register the car in the state of residence and pay the local license and Use of Car Tax (Tenencia). There will be no import duties or permits required.
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