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Turkish Business Directories, Fair Organizers, and Trade Ass

Articles and comments on Turkish standards, labeling, temporary entry requirements and importing regulations.

Turkish Business Directories, Fair Organizers, and Trade Ass

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:01 am


A. Directories:

Company Reklamcilik & Yayinclik & Organizasyon
(Company Advertisement, Publications and Organizations)
Yuksel Caddesi No. 33/3
06420 Kizilay, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 430-4790/91/92/93
Fax: [90] (312) 434-1044/45
Company publishes "The Medical Directory for Turkey". The directory includes statistical information published by the Turkish Ministry of Health; lists of state, university, military and private hospitals; private health centers, polyclinics, medical laboratories, X-ray/ultra-sound centers and magnetic resonance image (MR) centers. It also includes medical equipment manufacturers, importers and exporters; marketing companies for orthopedic products/rehabilitation centers/veterinary clinics; and other information such as Chambers of Physicians, Associations and Foundations. The directory is published bi-annually in Turkish.

Yapi Endustri Merkezi
(The Building & Industry Center - YEM)
Cumhuriyet Caddesi No. 329
80200 Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 219-3939
Fax: [90] (212) 225-6623
The Yapi Endustri Merkezi (YEM) publishes a biannual catalog, "The Turkish Building Catalog". The directory is a multi-volume comprehensive reference book on building materials, including companies engaged in the production of goods and services, professionals, executives, architects, engineers and contractors.
Yapi Endustri Merkezi also publishes an interior design catalog "Dekora", which contains a full range of products and services relating to interior decoration and design.
"Installations/Electrotechnique Catalog" is published biannually for technical professionals and firms active in mechanical installation production and construction related electric and electronics.

Red Apple World Group
Fethiye Sokak No. 7/2
Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 447-0322
Fax: [90] (312) 447-5977
The firm has an electronic directory listing 175,000 current firms' records in 50 main sectors and 629 sub-sectors and 325,000 different products. Red Apple World Group also has a weekly electronic bulletin with up-to-date tenders. It provides three different (premier, gold and platinum) commercial subscription services both in Turkish and in English.

A.R.T. Publications Co. Ltd.
Rihtim Caddesi, Iskele Sokak
Engin Apt. No. 69/1
81320 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (216) 349-5240
Fax: [90] (216) 414-2784
A.R.T. Publications is the publisher of "Automotive Catalog". The catalog is published annually. The catalog contains an extensive list of Turkish firms, as well as the addresses of the Automotive Manufacturer Association (OSD), the Turkish Automotive Distributors Society (TODD), and the Association of Automotive Parts and Component Manufacturers (TAYSAD).

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association Directory - TGSD
Mehmet Akif Caddesi
1inci Sokak Akin Is Merkezi 2 No. 23, Kat 5
34188 Sirinevler, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 481-6511
Fax: [90] (212) 481-6510 - (212) 451-6113
The Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association publishes a directory of Turkish firms in the clothing industry. The Association also organizes fairs and other events to promote Turkey's trade with other countries in the textile and apparel sector. The directory is published every two years.

Turkish Textiles Employers Association Catalog
Akaretler, Visnezade Camii Meydani
Efe Apt. No. 2/10
Akaretlar, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 260-1405
Fax: [90] (212) 258-2974
The Turkish Textiles Employers Association publishes a catalog with a list of firms in the textile industry. The catalog is published every three years.

Aegean Clothing Manufacturers Association
747 Sokak No. 34 Tekstilciler Sitesi MTKA
Camdibi, Izmir, Turkey
Tel: [90] (232) 431-0200
Fax: [90] (232) 431-0702
The Aegean Clothing Manufacturers Association publishes a catalog with a list of Turkish firms engaged in the clothing industry in the Aegean Region.

Boyut Yayin Grubu
(Boyut Publication Group)
Matbacilar Sitesi, 1. Cad. No. 115
34560 Bagcilar, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 629-5300
Fax: [90] (212) 629-0574/75
Boyut Yayin, together with the Turkish Travel Agencies Association, publishes the "Turkey Industry Directory". The directory is also available on a CD-ROM. The directory includes lists of Turkish firms in the building industry; pool construction and water treatment systems; electrical systems & electronic systems; furniture; textiles; information & computer systems and communication; kitchen equipment; food and beverage industries; room and bathroom accessories; hotel supply services; recreation and trade fair promotion organizers. The directory also contains lists of Chambers of Commerce and fair organizers in Turkey.

Turkiye Plastik Sanayicileri
Arastirma, Gelistirme ve Egitim Vakfi (PAGEV)
(Turkish Plastics Industry Association)
Halkali Caddesi 132/1 Tes-Is Merkezi Kat.4
34620 Sefakoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 425-1313 (3 Lines)
Fax: [90] (212) 624-4926
The Turkish Plastic and Rubber Directory is published by the Turkish Plastics Industry Association. The catalog consists of lists of Turkish firms engaged in raw material and auxiliaries; machinery and equipment; semi-finished products; toll production; servicing bodies; and an alphabetical index of companies.

Marmara Tanitim, Fuarcilik, Organizasyon, Reklam ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
(Marmara Fair Organizations and Advertisement, Inc.)
Zeytinlik Mah. Turkcu Sokak 17/3
34710 Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 660-7642 - (212) 543-6806
Fax: [90] (212) 660-7644
The Firm publishes the "EEG Turkiye Katalogu", a yearly directory with listings of Turkish firms engaged in electric, electronics, security, fire, automation, telecommunications and computers. Marmara Tanitim also organizes the "International Security & Automation Fire Safety, Telecommunications Fair" (ISAF) yearly in Ankara.

Interpro Publishing, Research and Organization Services, Inc.
Gazeteciler Mah. Saglam Fikir Sokak 23
80300 Esentepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 212-3122
Fax: [90] (212) 212-3121
Interpro is a fair organizer as well as a publisher. It organizes Turkey's largest information and communication technologies fair, "Bilisim". Its yearly directory lists all Turkish firms engaged in information and communication technologies.

Turkiye Muteahitler Birligi
(The Turkish Contractors Association)
Ahmet Mithat Efendi Sokak 21
Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 439-1712/13
Fax: [90] (312) 440-0253
The Directory of Turkish Contractors is published by the Turkish Contractors Association, which was established in 1952 in Ankara. The Directory gives background information on the Association and the Union of International Contractors, Turkey (UIC) and a full list of Turkish contractors. It also contains brief information on Turkey, its history, population, climate and economy.

Ekin Yazilim Merkezi
(Ekin Publication Center)
Halaskaargazi Caddesi
Zafer Sokak 12/5
80230 Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 233-9754 - (212) 230-5341
Fax: [90] (212) 230-45-18
Ekin Yazilim publishes "Turizm Endustri Katalogu" (Tourism Industry Catalog). The catalog's main purpose is to advertise the goods and services of producers, importers and marketing companies engaged in the Tourism Industry in Turkey. The directory lists firms in the following industries plumbing equipment; construction materials; wall coverings; door and windows; generators, UPS, energy transmission and saving systems; guestroom and bathroom accessories; security systems; hotel TV systems; elevators and escalators; office and front desk equipment; meeting room equipment and supplies; communication equipment; recreation facilities and equipment; swimming pools and saunas; waste water treatment systems; mattress product suppliers; hotel management systems; direction signs and lighting equipment. The catalog also has a section listing of fair organizers; equipment rental services; animation organizations; photographers; insurance companies and catering services.

Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Yan Sanayi Borsasi
(Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Istanbul Subcontracting Exchange)
Resadiye Caddesi
34378 Eminonu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 455-6000
Fax: [90] (212) 513-8219
The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce established its Subcontracting Exchange in 1990 with the support and contribution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The "Subcontracting Directory" is published by the Istanbul Subcontracting Exchange. The directory lists small and medium sized Turkish firms in five main sectors: metalworking, plastics, rubber, electric and electronics.

OSTIM Organized Industrial Region
100 Yil Bulvari 99 Ostim
Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 385-5090
Fax: [90] (312) 354-5898
OSTIM gathers small and medium sized firms under a single roof. Approximately 5,000 establishments are housed in the Organized Industrial Region which is located in Ankara. Its directory, "OSTIM Rehberi", covers Turkish firms engaged in the following industries: elevator and lift systems; dam construction equipment; glass industry; steel doors and cash boxes; food machinery and industrial kitchens; chemicals; laboratory test equipment; conveyors; health services and equipment; agricultural machinery; and traffic security equipment.

B. Fair Organizers:

Most of the large cities in Turkey have fairs throughout the year in nearly all sectors. All the fairs have catalogs listing the Turkish and foreign firms that participated in the fairs. Interested U.S. companies can obtain these catalogs from the fair organizers. Listed below are a few of the well-known fair organizers:

1. Interteks Uluslararasi Fuarcilik A.S.
Mim Kemal Oke Caddesi 10
80200 Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 225-0920 (12 Lines)
Fax: [90] (212) 225-0933/36
Interteks organizes approximately 17 fairs every year in Istanbul at the Lutfi Kirdar - Rumeli Exhibition Center in different sectors and sub-sectors. Some of the fairs they promote are: Istanbul Exhibition of Dental Equipment Materials and Techniques; ELENEX Power Generation; Transmission & Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation; Material Handling; Safety & Security; Beauty & Care; Motorcycle and Boat Show.

2. Tuyap Tum Fuarcilik Yapim A.S.
Saglam Fikir Sokak
Gazeteciler Mah. 19
80300 Esentepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 212-3100/07
Fax: [90] (212) 212-3109
Tuyap Tum Fair Organizer holds approximately 36 fairs in different sectors and sub-sectors every year in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Some of the fairs they promote are: Textile Machinery, EXPOMED, Lab-Tech, Pet and Horticulture, Furniture Fair, Wood Processing Machinery, Istanbul Book Fair and the Izmir Book Fair.

3. CNR Uluslararasi Fuarcilik ve Ticaret A.S.
Dunya Ticaret Merkezi
Ataturk Havalimani Karsisi
34801 Yesilkoy, Istanbul Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 663-0945
Fax: [90] (212) 663-7059
CNR International Fair Organizer holds 16 fairs in different sectors and sub-sectors at the CNR World Trade Center in Istanbul. Some of the fairs they organize are: Florist; Pet Show; Stationery and Office Equipment; Private Label; Defense Industry, Aerospace and Maritime Fair (IDEF); International Construction Equipment and Technologies Fair; and Medical Istanbul Fair.

4. ITF Istanbul Fuarcilik A.S.
CNR Uluslararasi Fuar Merkezi
Ataturk Havalimani Karsisi
Dunya Ticaret Merkezi
Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 663-0881
Fax: [90] (212) 663-0973/74
ITF Istanbul Fair Organizers holds nearly 13 fairs per year in different sectors and sub-sectors at the CNR World Trade Center in Istanbul. Some of the fairs ITF holds are International Textile and Accessories Fair, International Automotive and Accessories Fair, International Furniture and Interior Design Fair.

C. Associations:

Interested U.S. businesses can also obtain detailed lists of Turkish firms from the industry associations. Listed below are some of the key associations:


Otomobil Distributorleri Dernegi
(Automotive Distributors Association)
Barbaros Bulvari Baras Ishani
Bahar Sokak No.4, Kat3, Daire 6
Balmumcu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 288-6184 - (212) 288-6194
Fax: [90] (212) 275-7069
The Automotive Distributors Association has 31 members. It publishes a monthly industry statistics booklet.

Otomotiv Sanayi Dernegi (OSD)
(Automobile Manufacturers Association)
Atilla Sokak 8
81190 Altunizade, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (216) 318-2994 - (216) 321-4743
Fax: [90] (216) 321-9497
The Automotive Manufacturers Association has 17 members. It assists in improvement of the industry and production of various motor vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, pick-ups, trailers, buses, minibuses, midibuses and tractors. OSD publishes monthly and yearly statistical data bulletins.

Contracting and Construction Associations:
Insaat Muhendisleri Odasi
(Chamber of Civil Engineers)
Selanik Caddesi 19/1
06650 Yenisehir, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 419-4792/93
Fax: [90] (312) 417-0632
The Chamber of Civil Engineers was established in 1954 and has 58,000 members. It publishes the "Turkish Civil Engineers Magazine".

Insaat Malzemeleri Sanayiciler Dernegi (IMSAD)
(Construction Materials Industrialists Association)
c/o Yapi Endustri Merkezi
Cumhuriyet Caddesi No.329
80091 Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 219-3939 Ext. 234
Fax: [90] (212) 291-0724 - (212) 225-6624
The Construction Materials Industrialists Association has 51 members. IMSAD organizes overseas exhibitions and participation in domestic fairs, and provides monthly and weekly bulletins and statistics for its members.

Turkiye Prefabrik Birligi
(Turkish Prefabricators Association)
Farabi Sokak 39/10
06690 Kavaklidere, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 467-6195
Fax: [90] (312) 467-6295
The Turkish Prefabricators Association was established in 1984 and has 26 members. It supports training seminars for members, develops standards, provides financial/technical support for research projects and donates scholarships. The Association publishes tenders and booklets on their conferences.

Mimarlar Odasi
(Chamber of Architects)
Konur Sokak 4/2
06650 Yenisehir, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 417-3727 - (312) 425-2536
Fax: [90] (312) 418-0361
The Chamber of Architects was established in 1954 and has 29,164 members. The chamber publishes a magazine and bulletins for their members.

Defense Industry:

Savunma Sanayi Imalatcilari Dernegi (SASAD)
(Defense Industries Manufacturers Association)
Paris Caddesi Yazanlar Sokak 4/206
06540 Kavaklidere, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 426-2255
Fax: [90] (312) 426-2256
The Defense Industries Manufacturers Association has 63 members. It represents Turkey's defense industry in the European Defense Industries Group. The association relays NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency's tenders to its members, and also works closely with the Western European Armament Group. Announcements of defense shows in Turkey and in the foreign countries can be found on the web-site.

Electricity/Power Generation:

TMMOB Elektrik Muhendisleri Odasi (EMO)
(Chamber of Electrical Engineers)
Ihlamur Sokak 10/1
06440 Yenisehir, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: [90] (312) 425-3272
Fax: [90] (312) 417-3818
The Chamber of Electrical Engineers was established in 1954 and has 30,000 members. It publishes an E-Magazine, a monthly magazine, bulletins and reports.


Ulusal Franchising Dernegi (UFRAD)
(Turkish National Franchising Association)
Ergenekon Caddesi Pangalti Ishani 89/15
80221 Pangalti, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 296-6628
Fax: [90] (212) 224-5130
The Turkish National Franchising Association has 46 members. Its Web-Site contains a list of all the Franchising Associations in the world.

Medical and Health Care:

Istanbul Tabib Odasi
(Chamber of Medical Doctors)
Turkocagi Caddesi 17, Kat 2
34400 Cagaloglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 514-0292/94
Fax: [90] (212) 513-3736
The Chamber of Medical Doctors has 18,000 members and was established in 1929. It publish bulletins and reports for its members.

Istanbul Dis Hekimleri Odasi
(Istanbul Chamber of Dentists)
Cumhuriyet Caddesi 361 Safir Apt. K.2
80220 Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 225-0365
Fax: [90] (212) 296-2104 - (212) 232-0560
The Istanbul Chamber of Dentists was established in 1986 and has 6,000 members. They publish the "Clinic Magazine" and bulletins. The Chamber holds seminars and conferances.


Ilac ve Kimya Endustrisi Isverenler Sendikasi
(Medicine and Chemicals Industry Employers Union)
Talatpasa Caddesi 98B
80640 Gultepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 278-8059 - (212) 278-8540
Fax: [90] (212) 278-7007
The Medical and Chemicals Industry Employers Union was established in 1964. It has 54 members. The Union publishes the IEIS Annual Report every year and a report on pharmaceuticals in Turkey.

Safety and Security:

GESIDER - Guvenlik Endustrisi Sanayicileri ve Isadamlari Dernegi
(Security Industry Industrialists and Businessmen's Association)
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok Kat 11 No.1657
80270 Okmeydani, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 210-5309
Fax: [90] (212) 210-5308
E-Mail: -
The Security Industry Industrialists and Businessmen's Association was established in 1996 and has 70 members. They do not have any publications.
GUSOD - Guvenlik Sistemleri ve Gozetim Organizasyon Dernegi
(Safety Equipment and Surveillance Organization Association)
Talatpasa Caddesi Duru Sokak 1 Kat 3
80640 Gultepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 280-0808
Fax: [90] (212) 280-4700
The Safety Equipment and Surveillance Organization Association was established in 1994 and has 45 members. It arranges conferences and seminars in these sectors.

For more information on business directories, fair organizers and associations in Turkey, please contact:
U.S. Commercial Service
Inci Ciloglu, Commercial Assistant
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: [90] (212) 251-1651
Fax: [90] (212) 252-2417
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