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Spain Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

Issues related to trading with Spain, such as importing regulations, documentation requirements, custom information, etc.

Spain Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:40 am

Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

There are three different customs regulations in Spain. The EU common customs apply to the mainland and Balearic Isles. The Canary Islands, previously a customs-free area, is undergoing a transition period to meet EU customs regulations. There is a customs-free trade area in the two northern Africa enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, which are under Spanish sovereignty.

Both in the mainland and islands there are numerous free trade zones (in most of Spanish airports and seaports) where manufacturing, processing, sorting, packaging, exhibiting, sampling and other commercial operations may be undertaken free of any Spanish duties or taxes. The largest free trade zones are in Barcelona, Cádiz and Vigo. Others vary in size from a simple warehouse to several square kilometers. Spanish customs legislation allows for companies to have their own free trade areas. Duties and taxes are payable only on those items imported for use in Spain.

Special Import Provisions

Customs agents or brokers who handle the necessary formalities on behalf of the importing firm or individual clear the goods. A bill of lading, an original invoice with a copy, a certificate of origin and an import declaration are required for most clearances through Customs for products that will remain in Spain.

Import declarations are made at the State Secretariat of Commerce or its branch delegation in major port cities through the country. Declarations must use the exact terminology of the tariff classification under which the goods are being imported. The customs agent allows a three-month grace period for U.S.-origin goods arriving without proper documentation, subject to a written guarantee.

Goods in transit need only be listed on the vessel or aircraft manifest and do not have to be unloaded. Transit goods may also be unloaded for shipment to a Customs-approved warehouse prior to reshipment from Spain or to another customs house in Spain for declaration or further reshipment.
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