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Italy Special Import Requirements and Certifications

Italian custom information, import regulations, shipping documents requirements, and free trade zones/warehouses. Share your experiences in trading with Italy importers.

Italy Special Import Requirements and Certifications

Postby bridgat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:33 am

Special Import/ Export Requirements and Certifications

Documents required for exporting include a shipper's commercial invoice and a bill of lading, or air waybill, none of which require consular legalization. For textiles and apparel, it is good practice to provide a certificate of origin, available through most state chambers of commerce. For other products, however, if substantive proof of U.S. origin is provided through accompanying documents, as well as through characteristic trademarks, a certificate of origin is not normally necessary. For additional information or assistance on export documentation, pleas contact Trade Information Center at 1 800 USA TRAD(e).

Other specialized documents/certificates may be required for specific products.

Shippers export declaration is required for goods exceeding $2,500 or needing an export license.
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