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New Zealand Wood Packaging Requirements

Discuss trade issues, importing regulations, and tariffs related to New Zealand.

New Zealand Wood Packaging Requirements

Postby bridgat » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:47 pm

Wood packaging requirements are an important issue when shipping to New Zealand. Listed below is contact information as well a summary of New Zealand Customs requirements.


National Advisers - Forestry Imports & Exports
Forest Biosecurity
Biosecurity New Zealand
PO Box 2526

Phone: 011 64 4 498 9630
Fax: 011 64 4 470 2741

Website: <

Summary of Specific Import Requirements for Wood Packaging Material:

General Requirements:

Wood packaging material includes item such as dunnage, crates, fillets, spacers, pallets, drums, reels, and gluts.

Imported wood packaging material must be:

a. free of regulated pests

b. relatively free of extraneous material (e.g. leaves, soil). MAF considers a
contamination rate of 0.01% w/w extraneous material is acceptable

c. bark-free wood.

Certification Requirements

An import permit is not required to import wood packaging material into New Zealand.

For the purpose of providing certification of the treatment status of consignments to be imported into New Zealand, the importer may use a:

a. phytosanitary certificate issued by the NPPO and based on the model certificate included in ISPM 12;

b. phytosanitary certificate issued by the NPPO other than the certificate specified in (a) to which the following is to be included:

"The wood packaging material in this consignment has been inspected according to appropriate official procedures and is considered to be free from the regulated pests specified by MAF, and to conform with New Zealand’s current phytosanitary requirements".

c. treatment certificate issued by the manufacturer or operator/manager of the treatment company.

d. A labelling system that complies with the requirements of ISPM 15, if treated in a manner compliant with ISPM 15.

All certification must be original, free of alterations and erasures, and printed in English.
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