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Nepal Import Controls

Discussion of Nepal barter & countertrade, tariffs and taxes, prohibited imports, import controls and business travel & etiquette: entry/exit Requirements.

Nepal Import Controls

Postby bridgat » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:45 pm

-Varies from zero to 80% according to the Harmonized System of classification (HS number)
-imported goods are liable for a value added tax (VAT) of 13% and a local development tax of 1.5%
-duty is generally assessed on the cost, insurance, and freight (c.i.f.) value; sales tax is levied on c.i.f. value plus customs duty

Import Licenses
Required for banned or quantitatively restricted items such as:
-products injurious to health (opium, morphia or liquors containing more than 60% alcohol)
-arms and ammunition, explosive materials (or products required for production of explosive materials), guns and bullets
-communications equipment, wireless walkie-talkies and other similar audio communication equipment (except under import license of His Majesty's Government)
-valuable metals and jewelry
-beef and beef products

Pre-Shipment Inspection
Not required but may be requested by importer.

Shipping Documentation
Commercial invoices, a customs declaration form, clearly marked and labeled packaging, a certificate of origin, and any special documentation which may be required due to the nature of the shipment or if requested by the importer/bank/letter of credit clause (e.g., sanitary certificates, etc.). Packing lists should be used.

Temporary Entry
Goods (including vehicles, machinery and equipment):
-allowed for special purposes such as domestic exhibitions or fairs by making a refundable deposit of the applicable duty
-goods must be taken out of the country within three months of completion of the work unless the duty has been paid and the item sold for the use of others or retained for personal use
-an extension may be granted on appropriate and reasonable grounds and an additional 10% of the applicable duty amount is provided

Time Difference
+10.5 hours from Eastern Time

Bilateral Investment Treaty
Presently, there is no bilateral investment treaty between the United States and Nepal.
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