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United Arab Emirates Documentation

Tariffs, taxes, and trade barriers of United Arab Emirates. Also covers UAE government procurement regulations and documentation.

United Arab Emirates Documentation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:29 am

Legalization of Documents to United Arab Emirates

Required Documents :
Commercial Documents (Applied only for certificates of origin and commercial invoices)

1. Original certificate of origin (C/O) notarized by a local notary public.

2. Original commercial invoice (C/I) notarized by a local notary public.

3. Any other related documents required by the Letter of Credit (L/C) to be certified and legalized.


1.Arab American Chamber of Commerce will certify (C/O) and (C/I) from AACCDC.

2.Legalize the documents from the U.A.E. embassy in Washington DC.

Approximate turn around time:
Five business days (does not include mailing time).

Charges and Payment methods:

A. Send a company check or money order for $105.00 to the order of "Arab American Chamber of Commerce"

This amount covers the following fees:
$75.00 for service fee .
$30.00 for AACCDC certifications. {15.00}for C/O and {15.00}for C/I .

B. Send Money Order for the amount of $15.00 + the correct charge from the following table depending on your case to the order of "Embassy of U.A.E." .U.A.E. embassy charges $15.00 to legalize the certificate of origin (C/O).

Depending on the total dollar amount of the invoice, the legalization charge for the
commercial invoice (C/I) of the U.A.E. embassy is :
Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope and mail your documents to:

Arab American Chamber of Commerce,
Certification Dept.
972 Mt. Holly Dr.
Annapolis, MD 21401.

Tel: 1-888-999-5991
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