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Morocco Import/Export Documentation

Forum on Morocco's import and export documentation, tariff rates and import taxes, Free Trade Agreement, etc.

Morocco Import/Export Documentation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:26 am

Note - The information in this document was last updated Dec 2004. The only update on 12/27/07 was to remove a "picture"
of the information that was difficult to read.

The following documentation is required for all imports and exports for Morocco.

(1) License (representing the “physical import or export")

(2) A commercial invoice: Pro-forma invoices are provided in most cases. No special invoice form is necessary, The commercial or
pro-forma invoice should

a) be on the supplier's letterhead,

(b) fully describe the goods in French,
(c) indicate the HS code when available,
(d) indicate the value of the goods,
(e) indicate the currency for payment (for foreign exchange transfer), and
(f) indicate the address of the buyer. U.S. exporters should keep in mind that unlike in the U.S., the date format should be

(3) An "engagement d'importation” which is the authorization provided by the exchange office for transfer of foreign currencies from
Morocco to foreign suppliers abroad.

{4) A "declaration de douane” is provided by the customs office and is required for import and export through a port or airport. For
shipments by mail, a simple form filled out at the post office replaces the "declaration de douane,"

(5) The importer/exporter may attach any documentation, such as technical documentation, that might help the customs office.

The documentation required for import or export of digitalized products electronically delivered over the Internet (i.e.. software, movies,
downloads) or other networks, is the same as the documentation previously listed.

When sending promotional material, and especially promotional videos, it is important to clearly state, in French. “Promotional Use Only,
No Commerdal Value."
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