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Venezuela Import Regs.: Restrictions

Come to discuss the importing regulations, policy, and standards of Venezuela.

Venezuela Import Regs.: Restrictions

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:27 am

Import Licenses

On January 1, 2008, the importers of automobiles and auto parts will be required to obtain a prior import license and it appears that the GOV will limit the number of approved licenses. Importers must also by November 30, 2007 request authorization for any planned imports for 2008.

-- Limited to certain dangerous items.
-- Arms and explosives require an import permit from the Ministry of the Interior and
Ministry of Defense.
-- Since the last quarter of 1999, the government of Venezuela announced a list of prerequisites that must be completed prior to receipt of import licenses for certain commodities, which included milk and milk products, cheese, oilseeds and oilseed products and sugar. Most significantly, the import licensing system calls for purchasing of domestically produced commodities before granting licenses to importers - an item under WTO review.

To obtain import licenses importers must: (1) apply for an import license from the Ministry of Production and Commerce (MPC); (2) provide MPC with proof of registration as a traditional importer; (3) provide MPC with a record of all purchases of domestic production of the commodity listed during the last two years; (4) identify intended buyers if the commodity or its derived products are to be resold; and (5) Provide MPC with a record of the volume of imports for the last two years.

Required Certificates or Registration

-- Almost all foods and agricultural imports must have sanitary or phytosanitary import certificates issued by the Ministry of Production and Commerce.
-- Medicines, foods and cosmetics require registration with the Ministry of Health.

Customs will admit products without a label showing the registration number if the importer produces the appropriate documentation from the relevant Ministry. Stickers are allowed and can be affixed on the retail package before distribution and sale.

Alcohol and Tobacco

-- The tax "band" for alcoholic beverages must be affixed across the bottle closure before the shipment can leave the customs premises. Imported cigarettes are also subject to this type of measure; adhesive labels are not allowed.
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