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Venezuela Import Regs.: Labeling/Marking

Come to discuss the importing regulations, policy, and standards of Venezuela.

Venezuela Import Regs.: Labeling/Marking

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:24 am

Consumer Protection Law published in the "Gaceta Oficial" on May 4, 2004 was implemented through the issuance of Decree #6.092 on May 27, 2008; this Decree contains specific labeling/marking requirements in Chaper VI and effectively prohibits any non-permanent labeling or marks (establishes basic minimum information required for labels on various products products using containers of any type, as well as products with tickets, content requirements such as medicines and foods, etc). Specifically, decals, stickers, and other self-adhesive labels are forbidden. This prohibition applies to all goods. Additional elements of this Decree may also affect imports of, among others, labels for food items, etc.

Seniat issued Providencia 0073 on February 6, 2006 (published in Gazeta Oficial on March 2, 2006), which creates a Unified Register of Tax Information (RIF -- Registro Unico de Informacion Fiscal). Chapter II Article 10/f appears to require that all labels and packaging materials (external/internal packaging must contain the RIF#) must contain the RIF number of the Venezuelan importer. This implies that packages and packing materials must have RIF affixed prior to shipping to Venezuela. The effective date of this regulation was June 1, 2006.

As of January 2004, the GOV implemented labeling for footwear and apparel/textiles that will require "customized" information to be placed on the labels. The information requirements include the customers/importers name, RF number and Sencamer identification number. This information may have to be included on the label sewn into the garment, textile, and/or footwear items.

In addition, the Ministry of Production and Commerce is implementing new requirements requiring certificates of origin and detailed Spanish language labeling of the country of origin for shoes, textiles and apparel entering Venezuela. The certificates of origin must now be generated by the factory producing the goods.

General requirements:

-- Spanish is the official language of Venezuela.

-- Labels must list all ingredients, the contents of the package in the metric system or in units, and the registration number of the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Production and Commerce in the case of animal feeds or veterinary medicines.

-- Operating instructions or owners manuals must be in Spanish.
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