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Uruguay Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Share your understandings of Uruguay importing regulations, standards and other trade information.

Uruguay Import Regs.: Prohibitions

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:17 am

Import prohibitions and restrictions are mainly imposed for sanitary or phytosanitary, health, safety, security or environmental protection reasons. All the products listed below are totally banned, with the exception of used vehicles.

Furthermore, Law No 12.679 of 17 December 1959 empowers the Executive, inter alia, "to prohibit in general or in particular, for a period not exceeding six months, the full or partial importation of any type of merchandise, articles, products or goods that are expendable, luxury items and/or in competition with the domestic industry"; this ban may be renewed through further decisions.

Product Reason given Legal basis
Products containing asbestos, NCM 6811 and 6812.50.00.00a To protect human health Decree No. 154 of 30/04/02
Arms and ammunition:
Arms and ammunition for the exclusive use of the army, the navy and the police; incendiary or explosive ammunition or dum-dum ammunition To guarantee national security Decree-Law No. 10.415 of 13/02/43
Alcoholic beverages, liquids and vinegar:
Wine (in containers exceeding one-litre capacity) Decree No. 325 of 3/09/97; Resolution 45/96 of 1996; Decree No. 356 of 4/07/91
Containers; equipment and materials in contact with foodstuffs:
Food packaged in containers that contain lead (with the exception of those containing the parts of lead per million allowed by the regulations) To protect human health Law No. 17.775 of 20/05/04

Narcotics and psychotropics:
Narcotics and psychotropics (exclusively imported by the Ministry of Public Health) To combat improper use of drugs Decree No. 454 of 20/07/76; Law No. 14.294/74 of 1974; Law No. 17.016 of 22/10/98
Pharmaceutical preparations that contain Triazolamb as an active ingredient To protect human health Resolution of 4/06/92
Other products of the chemical and related industries:
Aerosol containers, any type of foam, refrigerated cabinets, solvents and sterilizers, central air-conditioning units and other products To protect the environment Decree No. 345 of 23/09/04
Paints for buildings, also for decorative, household or work use, with a lead content that exceeds the maximum level laid down in the regulationsb To protect the environment Law No. 17.775 of 20/05/04
Naphtha with a total lead content exceeding 13 mg/l To protect the environment Law No. 17.775 of 20/05/04
Pesticides and similar products:
Organochloride-based insecticides for all agricultural usesb To protect the environment Resolution of 23/09/97
Phytosanitary products with the following bases: ethyl-parathion for all agricultural usesb;methyl-parathion for agricultural usec; monocrotophos for agricultural useb; phosphamidon for all agricultural usesc To protect the environment Resolution of 30/01/02
Food products:
Potassium bromate intended for use in foods, including beveragesa To protect human health Decree No. 27 of 22/01/04
Wheat flour, wheat products and food prepared using wheat, which exceed the maximum limit fixed (by Decree No. 533/001 of the Executive of 28 December 2001) for the toxin deoxinivalenol (DON), namely, 1 mg/kg (1 ppm)b To protect human health Decree No. 470 of 4/12/02
Products and equipment for veterinary use:
Medicines, growth promoters and foods intended for animals whose meat or by-products, milk, eggs or honey are used for human consumption and containing in their formulas: Furazolidone, Nitrofurazone, Nitrofurantoin, Furaltadone, Nifurprazine, Nifuraldezone and their different saltsa To protect human health Internal Circular No. 103 of 1/08/98, MGAP
Growth promoters or fattening products for bovine species, sheep, pigs, horses and poultry, subsequently to be used for human consumption which contain arsenic or antimony substances in their formulasa To protect human health Decree No. 219 of 10/05/89
Veterinary medicines used to boost growth or fatten bovine species, sheep, pigs, horses or poultry which include the following in their formulas: substances with an oestrogenic hormonal effect and thyreostatic action; endogenous or natural hormonal anabolics, as such or chemically modified, and substances with oestrogenic or androgenic anabolic action or gestagene action of exogenous origina To protect human health Decree No. 915 of 28/12/88
Use of protein concentrates and bone meal from mammals for feeding ruminants, canine and feline animals To protect human and animal health Decree No. 139 of 17/04/96
Use of prohibited products and by-products in ruminant feed: proteins of animal origin with the exception of dairy or fish products; non-deproteinized sebum with a maximum content of insoluble impurities not exceeding 0.15 per cent by weight and products derived therefrom; bicalcium phosphate containing protein or fat residues; gelatine or collagen prepared from bones or hides and skins from the heads of ruminants; non-calcinated bone meal; litter from poultry farmsd To protect human and animal health Decree No. 241 of 14/07/04
Chloramphenicol base and its salts, either alone or combined with other chemical products, in the raw material state, or finished products or products incorporated in animal feed To protect human and animal health Resolution of 27/11/86
Hazardous waste To protect the environment Law No. 17.220 of 11/11/99

Chassis of heading NCM 8706 (temporary ban) To guarantee safety and to protect the environment Law No. 17.887 of 19/08/05
Used vehicles
Used vehicles: automobiles and light goods vehicles (up to 1,500 kg load capacity); buses; lorries; semi-trailer tractors; chassis with or without engines; trailers or semi-trailers; coachwork and/or cabins; motorcycles (including motorized bicycles) and bicycles equipped with auxiliary motors, with or without sidecars, sidecars, as well as used spare parts and accessories for such vehicles (temporary ban) To guarantee safety and to protect the environment Law No. 17887 of 19/08/05
Source: WTO

a Manufacture is also prohibited.
b Marketing is prohibited.
c Registration and application are prohibited.
d Use is prohibited.

From time to time the government bans the importation of certain food articles originating from areas declared by the World Health Organization to be unfit. The municipality of Montevideo imposes strict regulations regarding the composition of food articles (dyes, etc.).
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