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Uruguay Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Share your understandings of Uruguay importing regulations, standards and other trade information.

Uruguay Import Regs.: Customs Valuation

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:15 am

Customs valuation may be applied by the Office of the Director General of Customs when there is a question concerning a supplier's classification and/or valuation. Valuation criteria are those agreed-to within the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In order to determine the customs value of used goods in the case of capital goods, computer and telecommunications goods, the transaction value is used when the goods have been the subject of sale immediately prior to import. If there has been no prior sale, the customs value is the price actually paid or payable (or the value when the product was new, if the importer cannot prove the price actually paid or payable), adjusted for depreciation on the basis of the date of purchase as follows: 20 per cent for up to two years; 30 per cent for two to four years; 40 per cent for four to six years; and 50 per cent for over six years. According to Decree No. 373/995 of 5 October 1995, the basis for customs valuation of other used goods is the value of a like good when new. Special provisions also apply to carrier media bearing software, for which only the value of the medium itself is taken into account.

The Customs issued a Daily Order#045/2007 of July 3, 2007 which requires that textiles (items not covered by official prices) will be treated as normal imports by customs, rather than being subject to the special requirements that previously existed prior to their release to the importer.
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