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Uruguay Import Regs.: Courier/Postal Services

Share your understandings of Uruguay importing regulations, standards and other trade information.

Uruguay Import Regs.: Courier/Postal Services

Postby bridgat » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:15 am

In January 2003, the GOU published a new decree that imposed a higher valuation basis for arriving packages.

On December 26, 2000 the Government of Uruguay (GOU) issued a Decree that will impact the local operations of international couriers, such as US based UPS, DHL, and Fedex. Uruguayan customs is working on the implementation procedures. The only courier-delivered packages that can enter duty-free will be those for non-commercial purposes (e.g. family gifts or used clothes) and worth less than US$ 50. All other inbound articles valued under US$100 will either be subject to a tax of 60 percent of their value, or have to undergo regular import entry procedures. There will be no change in the current customs procedures for inbound packages worth more than US$100.

As per Decree 506/001 established by the GOU on December 20, 2001:

-Courier delivered packages must not exceed 20 kgs. per unit.
-Packages for noncommercial purposes must not exceed a $50 value. They could be family presents (e.g. clothing, recorded tapes, photographs, etc.) but sender must prove that they are for this purpose.
-Packages are believed to be for commercial purposes if it is proven that they are sent by the same person to the same location more than twice a year or that the items sent were acquired directly from an enterprise or through an agent. (Except medical products for personal use).

This decree also establishes an optional simplified payment of a 60% duty on:
-Packages for non-commercial purposes with a value of $50-$100.
-Packages for commercial use that do not exceed a $100 value.

In cases that meet these Decree requirements, a postal permit will be issued without intervention from customs. The equivalent duty tax will be paid at the previous business day exchange rate. Packages with samples in accordance to Decree 597/981 of December 2, 1981 will be duty free only when they are not used for commercial purposes.

It appears that the exemptions of the earlier Decree will be retained that excluded "literary, artistic, and scientific works and educational materials." Under this exemption, books, music CDs, and software should enter duty-free.
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